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Integrating Western, Naturopathic and Classical Chinese Medicine


Blending science and art...

Thank you for your interest in working with Dr. Meaghan Dishman! 

We are honored that you’ve chosen us to partner on your journey towards Inspired Health!

Dr. Dishman sees patients in both Bend, OR and in Raleigh, NC.

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Rebranding + Expanding

Bloom Integrative Health (Dr. Meaghan Dishman)and Glow Medicine (Dr. Wendy Weintrob) are joining forces, rebranding and expanding both clinics to one new location in Bend, OR. We will add a thriving Apothecary retail space, open to the public, with an Online Store that is slated to open AUGUST 1st, 2017.

Dr. Meaghan Dishman ND, LAc, MSOM provides comprehensive Integrative Healthcare for the whole family, offering Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine to Raleigh, NC and Bend, OR.

We believe that optimal health is an intricate state of balance that requires a true integrated medical paradigm allowing Physicians and Practitioners of multiple disciplines to respectfully work together to solve complex medical syndromes tailored and customized for your specific individuality- your uniqueness.

You are unique! And you deserve healthcare specifically designed and customized for you. We offer you an individualized preventive and proactive approach to healthcare that utilizes the advances of modern medicine in confluence with the antiquities of ancient medical traditions. We are dedicated to uncovering and addressing your unique biochemical physiology, genetic makeup, energetic signature and physical constitution.

Using an Integrative healthcare model allows genuine healing to occur, versus simply symptom management.

Our philosophy is to work in collaboration with you, to create a long term wellness strategy. By using Functional Medicine and Naturopathic principles to identify your unique biochemical physiology, and Classical Chinese Medicine to identify your personal pattern of wellness and imbalance, we can discover potential health risks or propensities, and modify them before a diagnosis of disease or symptoms impact your overall well being and life.

We invite you to join us on this powerful WELLNESS approach to health, longevity, and joy!

  • Specializing in AutoImmune disorders, Gastrointestinal health, Functional Endocrinology, Fertility, Reproductive Healthcare, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Pain Management, Lifestyle Counseling and Wellness

Raleigh, NC Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine