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September 18th, 2016


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Acupuncture for Fertility

June 18th, 2011

Raleigh acupuncture | Raleigh acupuncturist | Raleigh naturopath | Raleigh alternative healthcare | North Carolina acupuncture | Meaghan Dishman, ND, L.Ac. | Bloom Integrative HealthWe all have dreams!

And for most of us, that dream involves creating a family. There are many women and men who face a variety of challenges with the process of conceiving and carrying to term. Here at Bloom Integrative Health we are here to help you actualize your dreams and to help ensure that your pregnancy remains as naturally healthy as is possible for you.

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) and Acupuncture have centuries old traditions of treating fertility and addressing Endocrine (hormone) imbalances. Naturopathic Medicine involves stimulating the body’s innate ability to be in a state of health and optimal function within the organ systems, such as the reproductive and hormonal systems.

In modern times, acupuncture and CCM are gaining increasing use and support by western medical doctors due to an increase in success rates of pregnancy to term and healthy babies with or without hormone therapy or IVF in women and men who use acupuncture as a preconception modality.

Whether you are seeking to enhance fertility naturally or to increase the effectiveness of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) while minimizing side effects, Bloom’s Natural Fertility Program can help you!

Please read more about our Female & Male Fertility Treatment Programs and the Services we offer.