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The SUNSHINE Vitamin

December 30th, 2010

Raleigh acupuncture | Raleigh acupuncturist | Raleigh naturopath | Raleigh alternative healthcare | North Carolina acupuncture | Meaghan Dishman, ND, L.Ac. | Bloom Integrative HealthVitamin D is the sunshine vitamin and is quite the “hot” topic in the news these days. Our bodies produce Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun, but the use of sun block may prevent this reaction from occurring.

How much Vitamin D do we really need?
The actual amount is still up for discussion, but many experts agree that depending on the severity of depletion in the body, you may need up to 2,000-8,000IU per day. The National Institutes of Health state that it takes only 30 minutes of sunlight exposure per day without sunscreen to produce the amount of Vitamin D that you need each day.

So, you ask, what do we do in the winter months when we are covered head to toe in clothes and spend many hours indoors?
Well, there are many ways to supplement Vitamin D through supplementation and diet. Vitamin D can be purchased through Bloom Integrative Medicine or at your local health food store. It usually comes in 1000 IU tablets or liquid forms. And you can also obtain it through Vitamin D rich foods such as orange juice, milk and salmon.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D?
Medical journals are overflowing with the latest research findings on Vitamin D and the many ways it is beneficial to one’s health. To name just a few, researchers are discovering an increasing number of links between the immune, nervous, and endorcrine systems. Hormones of the endocrine system, such as Vitamin D, help the immune and nervous systems defend the body, with defects in this intricate system leading to autoimmune disorders and endocrine dysfuction.

How do I know how much Vitamin D I need?
Fortunately you can get a standard laboratory blood test. Ask your Primary care doctor to test Vitamin D25 Hydroxy at your next visit. Bring your lab results into Bloom Integrative Medicine. We can come up with a wonderful customized protocol for you!